Destination Wedding - Lenzerheide, Switzerland Credits: Filming & Editing: Alper Tunc (alpertunc.de) Venue: Hotel Guarda Val (guardaval.ch) Music: "THE HUMAN HEART" by Caleb Etheridge and "INSPIRED" by Adrian Walther. Licensed through soundstripe. Used with permission. Tech Info: Cameras: Sony A6500, A7S, Lenses: Sony 16-70mm Zoom, Samyang 35mm, 85mm Grading: Filmconvert and personalized Kreativ Wedding Color Finale Presets
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Destination Wedding - Lima, Peru This wedding just blew me away on so many levels. So here you go. Nadine and Kennys Wedding in Lima, Peru. Thank you guys so much for flying us over to be part of your big day! Filming and Editing: Alper Tunc (alpertunc.de) Photography: Schneider's Family Business (schneidersfamilybusiness.de) Photography & Drone Shots: Paul Träger (paultraeger.com) Music: "Forever Love" by Stephen Keech. Licensed through soundstripe, used with permission.
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Superemotional outdoor boho wedding. So much love and so many emotions! What a pleasure it was to capture their worldly ceremony and all the little and big moments of their day! Klaudi & Taui, thanks a lot for having me! :) Credits: Filming & Editing: Alper Tunc (alpertunc.de) Photography: Ina Hofemann (stilbluete-fotografie.com/) Officiant: Miriam Zacharias (textbuero-wortlaut.de) Hair & Make-Up: Daniela Gessner (danielagessner.de) Groom & Groomsmen Outfit: Rooks & Rocks (rooksandrocks.de) Bride's 1st dress: Traumkleid Bride's 2nd dress: Elbbraut (elbbraut.de) Venue: Beverland Resort (beverland-resort.de) Music: "My Life, My Love" by Family & Friends - licensed through Musicbed. Used with permission.
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Credits: Camera & Postproduction: Alper Tunc (alpertunc.de) Photography: Richard Gurmai (rigu-photographie.de) Venue: Jagdschloss Bellin (jagdschloss-bellin.de) Groom's Outfit: Rooks & Rocks (rooksandrocks.de) Bridal Dress: Berrit (berrit.de) Music: "Forever Mine" by Marie Hines. licesed through Musicbed. used with permission
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Foto by Till Gläser (www.tillgläser.de
Foto by Till Gläser (www.tillgläser.de
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I’m Alper and I film weddings and other cool stuff for a living – because I just love creative storytelling.

While on the job, I’m always in „ninja mode“, filming discreetly out of the background; many of my couples wonder „how the hell did you get that shot, you weren’t even there“, but I was. That’s how low-key I am. ;)
To be able to stay in ninja mode, I prefer not to bring big bulky equipment such as drones, cranes or heavy lighting gear, instead I keep it minimal. That’s my way to guarantee that your guests won’t be bothered by my presence and might even think that I am „just a friend with a camera“.
Here’s the thing: Don’t expect me to deliver 90s style videos with cheesy directed scenes and shiny blur effects. Nope. I don’t do that!
Instead, look forward to getting your unique wedding films that are not only filled with lots of emotion, crisp audio, and superbe imagery, but also truly tell the whole story of your big day! :)

When I’m not filming or editing, I love spending time with my love, Paola, who is a wedding photographer herself, explore new countries and cultures, meet people, and make new friends! Please feel free to join me on my daily life adventures on Instagram.

Still want to know more about me?

Okay, here ya go. 5 funfacts:
1. I have two hairless sphynx cats, named Miss Sunny Peaches and Princess Leia (yup. like the Star Wars one)
2. I know 4 and a half languages (Turkish, German, English, Spanish, et un petit peut de francais)
3. I am vegan for about 4 years now and enjoy exploring new restaurants everywhere I go.
4. I love playing Magic The Gathering and try to attend events also when travelling. :) 
5. I am a huuuuge specialty coffee lover and buy light-roast coffee beans from all the places I visit.

If you like what you’ve read so far, I’d love to meet you! Just drop me a line and I will get back to you asap. :)

Thanks a lot!


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Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

Alper hat unsere Hochzeit gefilmt und uns in jeglicher Hinsicht umgehauen. Er war charmant und gut gelaunt, hat sich auch im Vorfeld unserer Hochzeit viel Zeit genommen und einen modernen, kreativen und hochwertigen Film erschaffen, der die Emotionen des Tages komplett eingefangen hat. Da er dabei so unauffällig war, war das Gefilmtwerden nie präsent in unseren Köpfen. Wir haben die beste Wahl überhaupt getroffen. Dieses Talent ist einmalig.

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Durch JonPride
Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

Vielen Dank, dass du meinen/unseren Überraschungsantrag so perfekt festgehalten hast!! Einfach unbezahlbar!!

Ps. Würde ich jedem Kerl empfehlen!!!!

Liebe Grüße

Jan & Alice

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Durch JonPride
Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

Er hat unsere Verlobungsüberraschung einfach perfekt festgehalten, unbezahlbar!!! Danke dir nochmals Alper :-)

ps. Siehe oben für das Video. :-)

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